It's that time of the year. Yes, that time where stores empty out their winter clothes with massive sales, and usher in the happy and warm and amazing spring clothes. I love looking at all the new patterns, designs, and all new up-and-coming trends for this spring. My only problem, I buy them. While we're stuck in a January deep freeze, all I can think about is spring and summer. Which evidently lead to me buying flip-flops and baseball caps in the middle of January. I love it, but my bank account doesn't. Here are a few of my favorite spring collections, and I sincerely hope you don't get sucked into the black hole of spring shopping in the winter gloom. Good luck to you. 

Vineyard Vines: 

The Vineyard Vines Nautical Striped Dress: 

Price: $125
Sizes: XS through XL 
Material: Pima Cotton, Modal, Spandex 
Color: Blue Blazer

The Vineyard Vines Nautical Striped Dress is perfect for the spring and summer, its soft design and lightweight material makes it perfect for a spring-time picnic or a sophisticated dinner party. 

Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt: 

Price: $98
Sizes: XS-XL
Material: Cotton
Color: Various colors, shades, and styles

The Vineyard Vines step shirt is the perfect spring "sweatshirt". It is cotton, and very breathable. It keeps you warm, but doesn't suffocate you. It is perfect for spring and summer nights spent by the sea or cuddled around a fireplace. 

Lilly Pulitzer: 

Briella Fit and Flare Dress: 

Price: $178
Sizes: XS-XL
Materials: Rayon, Polyester, Spandex
Color: Iris Blue Society Stripe

The Briella Fit and Flare dress is my favorite thing from the Lilly Pulitzer spring collection. It is very simple yet sleek, and is very flattering. The material is comfortable and stretchy, but looks polished and ladylike. 

Bronte Shift Dress: 

Price: $288
Sizes: 00-14
Materials: Polyester, Viscose, Spandex
Color: Watermelon (True navy is also available)

The Bronte Shift Dress is really beautiful. It's pastel pink color screams spring, and the sophisticated look is great for a dinner party or a night out. 

Jack Rogers: 

Waverly Flat: 

Price: $148
Sizes: 5-10
Material: Leather 
Color: Cognac/Bone (Black/Black Patent, Midnight/Platinum, and Platinum are also available) 

The Waverly Flat is the perfect flat to wear to any special event, and pairs perfectly with skirts and dresses. The sheik design is very impressive and stylish, and they are extremely comfortable. 

Monogram Diamond Sandal: 

Price: $168
Sizes: 5-10
Material: Leather
Color: Turquoise/White (multiple new colors coming soon) 

The Jack Rogers monogrammed Diamond Sandals are perfect for any monogram-freak. They are so comfortable, and last a long time. 

J Crew Factory: 

J Crew Factory Pendant Necklace: 

Price: $29.99
Size: One size 
Material: Zinc, Glass stone, Steel, brass, cubic zirconium
Color: Crystal

This necklace is the ultimate go-to necklace. With subtle but beautiful sparkle, this necklace can be paired up with anything from a Lilly Pulitzer shift dress to jeans and a white t-shirt. 

J Crew Factory Pleated printed skirt: 

Price: $64.50 
Sizes: 00-16
Material: Polyester
Color: Deep Navy (also available in violet Fuchsia) 

I love anything polka dot, but this skirt is one of my absolutely favorite pieces.  This skirt is comfortable and super versatile, and I love the lightness of the fabric! 

Sure, snow and freezing temperatures are fun in December, but once January rolls around, I'm completely done. Ice and snow become my enemy, and I start dreaming about white sand and clear water. Well apparently mother nature had other plans. Because for the past two weeks it has been nothing but freezing cold. And my body hates it more than I do. My lips are so chapped I can barley talk, my hands start cracking they're so dry, and my goosebumps seem to stay on my body 24-7. Here are a couple of tips and tricks I've pretty much mastered over the years that make the brutal winters in New England (or wherever else you live according to the current weather patterns) more bearable.

1. Lip balm: I'm pretty sure every mother in the world has told their child at least once to put on lip balm so their lips don't chap. It's a cliche, but totally true. Nothing is worse then when your lips are so dry opening up your mouth to talk becomes a painful task. My favorite lip balm is the Burts-Bees soothing/cooling lip balm ($2.99 found at most drug stores). It is the most effective lip balm i've tried, it is all natural, and doesn't smell like chemicals and food coloring. 

2. Believe it or not, hair can become just as dried out as your lips in the cold. Your ends can split and your hair can loose its natural luster and shine, which is NEVER any fun. My biggest recommendation for your hair is Biosilk. Biosilk is a natural hair product that increases shine and prevents split ends. Sure, it is a little pricy at $12.99 for a small and $30.99 for a large found at many drugstores, but honestly, it is totally worth it. 

3. Baby Lotion: Baby lotion is very underrated, but it can solve so many problems. It can make your skin smell really good, it can take the eyeliner off your eye with a blink of an eye, and it can make your hands so smooth you think they're water. Sure, maybe I'm exaggerating a tiny bit, but the truth is baby lotion is the perfect remedy for dry skin, (2.99 found at most drugstores) 

4. WARM CLOTHES: It is truly unbelievable how much warmer wearing insulated socks can be compared to regular socks. Sure, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc. are no brainers, but other things like wearing fleece lined leggings instead of Victoria's Secret leggings can make a HUGE difference. There are tons of fleece lined jeans, thermal shirts, "fuzzy" socks, and other specifically made for winter clothing items that have the power to change your temperature drastically. My favorite places to shop for these products include Lululemon, Nike, Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, and believe it or not, Etsy. Just try swapping out one of your regular clothing items for an insulated or fleece lined option, and you will never go back. 

5. Lastly, but certainly not least, my number one top essential for suviving the winter cold is a space heater. If you live in the north and you do not own a space heater, you are missing out on true love. My space heater goes everywhere with me, from my bathroom when I get ready in the morning (the tile floors and wet washcloths can be FREEZING!), to my bed. Based on the certain model you have and the size of your bedroom, space heaters take only about 20-30 minutes on average to raise the temperature in your room three degrees. And that is a lot cheaper then oil or a gas fireplace. Trust me. 

Thank you for reading this post, hope this was helpful in learning how to survive the brutal cold, and make sure you check back everyday for new posts! 


One of my favorite new things is online shopping. It is so much easier and convenient to shop online then driving and  to a crowded mall on a weekday, plus there's the added bonus of getting a new package at your doorstep, which always makes my day a little better. As my online shopping skills have evolved, I have come across some amazing online stores, each with a unique and personable touch. Here are some of my new favorite online stores: 

The Southern Shirt Company: The southern shirt company is a really unique online store. They have a variety of t-shirts, long sleeves, Tank Tops, Jersey pullovers, Hats, logo stickers, koozies, and other cool and unique products. They have terrific costumer service as well. There shirts are made of 100% cotton, and are very durable. 

Fraternity Collection: Although this website is quite popular among the "preppy" costumers, there are still many people unaware of this amazing site. Fraternity Collection, or Frat collection, has over 42 different shirt colors (tank, tee, long sleeve, and sweatshirt) and over 120 patterned pockets. They have incredible customer service, and will send you another shirt of your choice if they mess up on the order in any way.  

Southern Coast: Southern Coast is a great new up-and-coming website. Southern Coast has amazing sales frequently, with 50% of every item. There shirts are very soft, made of 100% lightweight cotton, and they're available in 10 different colors. They are known for their signature logo, a cute and stylish anchor. 

Properly Tied: Properly Tied is a very unique and bold website, selling everything from koozies to bowties. They make really unique and stylish tank tops and t-shirts, with their new and interesting duck logo. The colors of their t-shirts and polo's are bright and spring-y, and their shipping is quick and inexpensive. 

Other Gems: 

- Eastern Drift Clothing Company - www.easterndrift.com 
- Southern Proper - www.southernproper.com 
- Southern Point Co. - www.southernpointco.com 
- Anchored Style - anchored-style.com 
- Luxley and Bernard - www.luxleyandbernard.com
- Jr Criders - www.jrcriders.com 

Hope you enjoyed this post, and found it helpful if you were looking for any good online stores to shop at! Make sure to come back for new posts every day! 


J.Crew Bubble Necklace in Light Citron
Price: $150 
Status: Out of stock. 
Made of:  18k gold electroplated brass with hand-set resin cabochons and beads.
Where to find: J.Crew.com 
Length: 26' with 2' extensions 

Baublebar Winter Potpourri Bib Necklace in Powder Blue: Price: Currently on sale for $18, regular price is $36. 
Status: Sold out 
Made of: Acrylic and plated base metal
Where to find: baublebar.com 
Length: 30'  with 3' extensions 

Yes. The J.Crew Bubble Necklace is really beautiful. But it is also really expensive. It features beautiful Resin and Brass, and is very well made. In contrast, when I first saw the Baublebar Winter Potpourri Bib necklace, I couldn't believe the resemblance. Although the Baublebar necklace is made with less expensive material, reviewers rated it as very durable and genuine. 

The Baublebar necklace outscores J.Crew in the color department, while Baublebar has 11 colors (Clear, Cobalt, Grey,Green, Navy, Pink, Powder Blue, Purple, Red, Teal, and White), J.Crew only has one, Light Citron. Based on a price difference of over $132 with the sale at Baublebar and $114 dollars regularly, the difference in color selection, and the customer reviews, it seems clear that the Baublebar Winter Potpourri Bib Necklace is a very worthy advesary of the J.Crew model, and might even surpass J.Crew. Overall, I would most definitely go with the deal, not the real! 

Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this post helpful if you were looking for a dupe of the J.Crew Bubble Necklace, or even just looking for a good necklace in general! Make sure to check back every day for new posts! 


If you've never seen Hunter boots, well, your lying. Hunter boots, most commonly called "Wellies" are found everywhere from Nordstroms to Ebay and everywhere in between. They come in every color in the rainbow, and a lot of unique shades. They have different lengths, from short Wellies that go only to the ankle to long Wellies that go about to the knee. Hunter has partnered with Rag Bone, as well as successfully making a TON of different styles of boot, including different colored horizontal stripes and buckles. 

If your like me, chances are you've been longing for a pair of Hunters, even if you don't particularly care to admit it to yourself. Because the truth is, they're an investment. And in order to make a smart decision on any investment, you need to do your research. Hopefully this post will help you  help guide you to make the decision if they are worth the investment. 


Although I am currently not in possession of a pair of Hunter boots, both my sisters (22 years old and 19 years old) are. After hearing their reviews, as well as online customers from Nordstroms and The official Hunter boots website, I have compiled a set of generalized reviews: 

1. Generally, over 90% of Hunter customer reviews say they would recommend Hunter boots. Many say that the description listed on websites is exactly the color/ fit of the boot. 

2. Many customers say that the Hunter boots are durable, and last for a long duration of time (depending on weather conditions where you are located), and the Hunter boots are able to withstand long periods of rain

3. Costumers generally say that the product is very comfortable

4. Most customers say that the Hunter boots do not fade over an extensive period of time, and never rub off their pigmentation on another surface

5. Lots of customers rave about the compliments the receive when wearing the boots

6.  One of the only general complaints I have seen within reviews of Hunter boots are that they tend to run a bit wide and large in the size, so just take that into consideration if you are looking to purchase the boots. It is better to go down a half size then go up. 


- The price does not generally very from store to store: 
  •   Regular: $140
  •   Short: $130
  •   Patterned: $150
  •   Kids: $75
  •   Rag and Bone collaboration: $295
  •  Riding Boots: $195 - $395


- For most, if not all of the Hunter "Wellies" the sizes range from a size 5 to a size 11, although some of the pricier and more detailed Wellies range from a size 5 to a size 10. 


- Original Tall Wellies: Clementine, Denim Blue, Jade, Olive, Blue Lilly, Lipstick (hot pink), Black, Navy, Dark Olive, Green, Yellow, Red

-  Tall Gloss Wellies: Jade, Clementine, Lipstick (hot pink), Blue Lilly, Brick, Dark Ruby, Crimson Pink, Moss green, Feather Blue, Black, Sovereign Purple, Enamel (creamy color), Graphite, Pillar Box Red, Violet

- Short Gloss Wellies: Same as Tall Gloss Wellies

- Original Short Rain Boot: Same as original tall Wellies 

- Gardner Boots: Aubergine, Black, Dark Olive

- Original British Rain Boot: Dark Navy

Balmoral Lady Leather Boots: Dark Olive 

- Balmoral Lady Neoprene: Dark Olive, Aubergine

- Carnaby Snake Rain Boots: Natural, Brown, Purple

- Sandhurst Savory Riding Boots: Black 

- Sandhurst Carlyle Riding Boots: Navy/Bitter Chocolate, Black/Dark Ruby, Black 

- Original Check Rain Boots: Dark Olive

- Belsize Hayden Short Riding Boots: Bitter Chocolate, Black/Dark Ruby, Black 

- Belsize Hayden Riding Boot: Black

- Belsize Mercer Riding Boot: Bitter Chocolate, Black

- Original Color-block Rain Boot: Black/Dark Ruby, Black/Moss Green, Black/Brick, Black/Sovereign Purple, Black/Feather Blue 

- Original Tall Leather Lined Rain Boots: Vintage Green

- Rag and Bone Tall boots: Army Green, Black, Burgundy, Black/Army Green, Black/Navy 

- Rag and Bone Short Boots: Black/Navy, Black/Army Green

- Original Bicolor Back Adjustable Rain Boots: Navy/Crimson Pink, Bitter Chocolate/Violet, Olive/Purple

- Huntress Gloss Wider Calf Rain Boots: Pillar Box Red, Violet, Black 

- Huntress Wide Calf Rain-Boots: Navy, Green, Black 

- Shoreditch Moto Boots: Black 

- Black Adjustable Rain Boots: Navy/Lipstick (Hot pink), Navy/Blue Lilly, Black, Navy, Aubergine, Green 

- Original Packable Tour Rain Boots: Olive, Clementine, Blue Lilly, Navy, Red, Yellow, Black, Green, Sovereign Purple 

- Original Color block Rain Boots: Green/Navy, Black/Olive, Clementine/White, Olive/Clementine 

- Original Stripe Rain Boots: Navy/Cobalt, Black/Olive, Black/Biscuit, Navy/Blue Lilly, Navy/Lipstick (Hot pink) 

- Original Packable Canvas: Tour Rain Boots: Black, Natural/Chocolate, Green, Navy, Olive, Pillar Box Red 

- Original Metallic Rain Boots: Silver

- Original Contrast Rain Boots: Black, Navy, White 

Original Nightfall Rain Boot: White/Black, Black/White 

My Review: 

Overall, I would say that Hunter Boots are worth the price, and the hype. After reading numerous customer reviews and checking out lots of different websites, I will definitely be purchasing a pair of Hunter Boots in the near future. There are so many different verities and colors of Hunter Boots, it seems there is something for everyone. Hope this little "Hunter Boots Guide" was helpful to you in regard to purchasing or gifting Hunter Boots. Thanks for reading, and make sure to come back for more posts! 


  When I was a little girl, earrings were my favorite thing. Although I only owned three pairs that rested in my mothers top dresser drawer in an organizer (where all of her three daughters expensive and easily lost jewelry went) I wore them everywhere. My first pair were a pair of little white snowflake earrings that hung about a quarter of an inch past my ear. I remember sneaking into my mothers dresser when she was downstairs cooking dinner to sneak a peek at them. To say I was entirely enchanted with the beautiful white and glittery snowflakes would be a vast understatement. The next pair of earrings I got, when I was about seven, were a pair of small dangly turquoise ball shaped earrings. My best friend and I went to the dollar store, picked out the prettiest earrings we could find (mine were pink balls with intertwining silver wire), put them in a plastic ziplock bag, and then switched. We switched the pairs of earrings through ziplock bags for about a month, got tired of the game, and stopped switching every four days. I was left with my best friends blue ball shaped earrings, even though I secretly liked my own pick better. I kept them for a long time in a plastic bag labled "switch" with the date and my name (written by my best friends mother) on my coark board, and I never wore them again. Not even once. The last pair of earrings (and my personal favorite) I obtained as a child (about eight years old) were a pair of extremely beautiful dangly and sparkly silver earrings. Although I rarely wore these (they always seemed to clash with my vintage and signature logo tees and tap shoes), they were some of the prettiest earrings I have ever had, even to this day. 

 After I turned ten, and I outgrew the "earrings every day" stage of my life, I never seemed to find myself wearing earrings, only putting them in once a month or so, so my holes didn't close up. Even when my mother would buy me earrings, they would just sit in her top dresser drawer in the organizer collecting dust. Back then I thought earrings were for immature fools. I was ten. 

 When I turned 16, my friends and I planned a trip to NYC. One of the first places we stopped, naturally, was the extremely large Forever 21 in time square, where after looking through the four floors of beautiful jewelry and clothes, I picked out my first pair of earrings (small studded pink flowers) in six years. After that, I was hooked. I suddenly found myself relying on earrings to tie together my outfits, and before I knew it I was buying them in every store I went in (especially forever 21). Now, I wear earrings almost every single day, and I have a variety of studs and small dangly earrings (my favorite store to get them is still Forever 21- where all the earrings in the picture above were purchased-). When I was ten, I never would have imagined loving earrings as much as I do now, and they have quickly become a staple in a large number of my outfits. Here are my favorite places to purchase earrings, and I hope you can use them as a reference of good stores to shop for your earrings. And one more thing, even if you don't wear earrings, I would recommend getting an inexpensive pair to try out. You'll never know if your missing out on something great until you try it for yourself!

Recommended shops: 

- Forever 21: For any small and inexpensive pastel, flowery, or wild and "out there" earrings. They are also a great place to shop for dupes of expensive earrings, and a good place to try out a pair of earrings that you are willing to spend the money on at a more expensive shop, but want to see if you truly like first.

- J.Crew: For any pearl earrings 

- Marleylilly.com: For any monogrammed earrings ( The prices are affordable and they are very good with customer service if you have a problem.) 

- Etsy.com:  For any earrings you might want with a homemade special touch, or really any earrings you can not find in a store (Most of the people on Etsy are very talented and can make anything you request, but make sure to read the customer reviews first!) 

Lilly Pulitzer: Although they usually only have a few pairs of earrings at a time on their website, the ones they do sell are very unique and pretty with a classic or timeless look. 

Tiffany and Co: Although this particular source might be a given, I had to mention it. It is just about the perfect destination for any stunning,  subtle, or more sophisticated earrings. 

Thanks for reading and make sure to come back for more posts! 

- Sydney 


    Hi, I'm Sydney! I run Properly Made, a blog all about fashion, food, and DIY tips. 


    January 2014